Environmental Solutions

Arvind is one of the world’s leading cotton and cotton-blended fabric makers. Our state-of-the-art factories in India produce some of the finest denim, shirting, bottom weights, knits and voiles – the bulk of it using Sustainable Cotton.

  • Arvind Envisol

    We are driven by care for the environment; beginning with preserving our planet’s most valuable resource – water. Our water treatment, industrial waste water treatment , and sewage treatment solutions help industries reduce their impact on the environment. Our zero liquid discharge plants that use our patented polymeric film-based Evaporator have the lowest operating costs in the world.
    • Plants installed by us process, treat, and recycle over 100 million litres of water and waste water every day.
    • We have executed more than 65 water treatment projects across the world.
    • We have 22 registered patents across the globe.
    • We offer end-to-end solutions, ranging from feasibility study and analysis, solution definition, design, engineering, sourcing and delivery of components and final installation along with operation and maintenance services.